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F. Summerfield

BScTech(Hons), CEng, FICE, MIStruct E

Chartered Consulting, Civil, Structural & Municipal Engineer

Also Expert Witness & Planning Supervisor

Structural Surveys, Property Advice, Extension Plans Drawn

House For Sale? Buying? Selling? Valuation Queries? Property Problems?

Whether You're Moving House or a Home Owner Wisely Seeking to Maximise the Value of Your Property - Expert Help is Here!

Frank Summerfield, an 'old boy' of Stockport Grammar School graduated with Honours in Municipal Engineering from Manchester University, before becoming a Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He majored in heavy civil, structural and hydraulic engineering and was subsequently elected a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

In local government, he developed a flair for management, becoming a Fellow of the Institution of Municipal Engineers. In 1974 the F. Summerfield, Independent Consulting Chartered Engineering practice was established.

Five to six years of international work broadened the consultancy, developing expertise in data presentation and report writing on technical topics for advice and reasoned decision-making. As a general consultancy practice, assistance is given in qualitative/quantitative assessments for the legal purposes of advice and expert witness. Having a close familiarity with the law has given perspectives that are reflected in concise, relevant inspections and reports.

The practice offers house health checks, full structural surveys, insurance claim reviews, underpinning assessments, accident investigations, calculations, structural steel, brick, timber and stone design work.


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